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Brown County

Rock Springs Ranch

4-H Summer camp is now registered on an individual basis through Rock Springs. 4-H youth and families will select which session they would like to attend and will be responsible for their own transportation to and from camp. Registration and information can be found at Rock Spring Ranch website. 

Camp sessions run from June through August with registration starting the previous fall. Rock Springs Ranch is also open enrollment meaning you do not need to be a member of 4-H to attend.

Rock Springs Ranch
1168 Highway K-157
Junction City, KS 66441
Phone: (785)257-3221

Brown County 4-H Camps

Arts & Crafts Workshop

Age Range: years 7-12                                                                    Location: Klinefelter Barn Hiawatha, KS                                       Date/Time: 1-3pm June 14, 2023                                                       RSVP HERE

Bucket Calf Clinic

Location: Brown County Fairgrounds Horton, KS                                 Date/Time: 8am June 15, 2023                                                          Please Bring: Bucket Calf, Grooming Supplies, and Halter                        RSVP HERE

Foods & Nutrition Workshop

Age Range: years 10 and up                                                             Location: Glacial Hills Center Sabetha, KS                                            Date/Time: 1-3pm June 21, 2023                                                       RSVP HERE

Cloverbud Camp

Age Range: years 5-6
Location: Klinefelter Barn Hiawatha, KS                                               Date/Time: 1-3pm June 28,2023                                                        RSVP HERE

Farm Display Workshop

Age Range: 7 and up                                                                    Location: Brown County Extension Office                                            Date/Time: 6pm June 28, 2023                                                          RSVP HERE


Other Camp Opportunities

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Milford Outdoor Adventure Camp