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Brown County

Kansas State Fair

The Kansas State Fair is held annually at the State Fairgrounds in Hutchinson, KS during the month of September. 4-H members are encouraged to enter their projects for state fair judging. Entry must be confirmed with your extension office by mid August. Eligibility for Brown County projects going to State can be found HERE.

Projects that have been registered must be dropped off at the extension office by (at the latest) the day before Fairground Exhibit Receiving Date. Projects will be transported to and from the Kansas State Fairgrounds and be brought back the day after Fairground Exhibit Release Date. 

Projects submitted for state fair judging must have proper forms filled out and attached. As well as, class numbers changed to reflect State Fair class numbers. Please refer to the Exhibitor Handbook for information on forms.

KSFAIR 4-H/FFA Event Schedule/Information

KSFAIR 4-H/FFA Exhibitor Handbook 2024

Reminder: You don't need to be a 4-H/FFA member to have fun at the Kansas State Fair! There are plenty of showcases, educational opportunities, and recreational activities for the general public. A daily schedule of all general fair events can be found at the Kansas State Fair Website HERE.