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Brown County

Extension Office- Kitchen Utensil Use

Our office has three 18 quart roasters, two 20x10" electric griddles, and an inventory of cake pans that can be checked out for public use. Interested in checking out any of these items? Call our office at (785)-742-7871 for more details.

Available Cake Pans                                           

Barbie     Deer     Bells
Bart Simpson     Dinosaur     Christmas Tree
Big Bird     Dog     Noel Candle

Blues Clues


    Fish     Santa Clause 1
Bugs Life     Frog     Santa Clause 2
Cabbage Patch Kid     Lamb 1     Snowman
Garfield 1     Lamb 2     OTHER
Garfield 2     Rabbit 1     Bowling Pin
Lightning McQueen     Rabbit 2     Castle
Spiderman     Rabbit 3     Computer
Spongebob     Swan     Flower Girl

Strawberry Shortcake


    VEHICLES     Golf Clubs



    Car     Horseshoe



    Van     Sports Ball



    Semi-Truck     Teddy Bear

TMNT- Michelangelo


    Tractor     Umbrella

Winnie the Pooh