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Brown County

Walk Kansas

Welcome to Walk Kansas, a statewide program to encourage more movement and activity March 26th through May 20th!

What is Walk Kansas?

An online opportunity to form teams or go solo and track your minutes of activity or steps to complete a Walk Kansas Challenge together!

What are the Challenges?

In Brown County, there are 5 challenges to choose from with varying difficulty/time commitment.


Team Registration

1. Grab some friends and make a team of 4-6 walkers and choose a challenge you wish to complete as a group.

2. Think up a team name, and have one person in your group register as your "team captain" to list the names and emails of everyone on the team.

3. Other members of the team will get a "welcome email" once this is complete and can then create a username/password to access the walk ks website and log their activity.

5. Walk! Track your activity in the walk ks app or online from March 26th through May 20th!

Individual Registration

1. Register as an individual

2. Go to New Program Sign-up and choose Purple Power Solo Trail

3. Walk! Track your activity in the walk ks app or online from March 26th through May 20th!


Cost is $10 per participant no matter which challenge you choose! Stop by the extension office to pay cash or mail us a check with a description for which participant/team you are paying for. Registration will be incomplete until payment is received and an admin can mark you as paid.

Walk KS Shop

To purchase Walk Kansas Apparel go to the Shop tab at walkkansasonline.org or select the link at the top right of this page. Orders can be purchased individually or through your team to minimize shipping costs. Payment for apparel is through the online store and can be paid with card.