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Brown County

Lawn and Garden

The Brown County K-State and Extension Office is your bridge to the resources of K-State University. Through our office you can obtain information on trees, turf, shrubs, insects, gardens, and other related topics. See our Resources and Publications page to find information most relevant to you. We also provide services such as insect identification, plant identification, and soil tests with fertilizer recommendations. Call our office today to see what we can do for you and your lawn care needs.


****Kansas Forest Service Tree Sales are now ONLINE & PHONE ONLY****

Mail order sales are no longer accepted by KFS. Please see the KFS website to place an order for plantings intended to function as wildlife habitat, windbreaks, wood lots, timber plantations, or riparian (streambank) plantings. Tree sales occur every fall and spring, for any questions please call the Kansas Forest Service located at 2610 Claflin Road Manhattan, KS 66502.